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The ethos of scientism and postmodernism



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The ethos of scientism and postmodernism has exacerbated the perceived philosophical and cultural tension between science and religion. What is your perception of this tension? Use the lecture and the topic readings to support your response.

As a nurse and for the well-being of our patients, our focus is on improving and balancing their mind, body and spirit. According to Puchalski, we should know the role of spirituality in our health care to assist our patients. The health professionals are becoming more aware of how to treat a patient as a whole. The focus of health care has added more compassion into the practice and to take in account not just a patient’s physical needs but mental needs too. The physical is the science perspective and the spiritual is the religion perspective, which can also be considered to be mental. Science and religion should work in unity just like the patient’s physical body and emotional needs work in unity. According to Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist who wrote of his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp, wrote: “Man is not destroyed by suffering; he is destroyed by suffering without meaning.” However, is this the plan God intended for? We will always encounter patients with different beliefs, which will create a tension. However: we must always give respect to our patients, regardless of their belief.


Frankl VE. Man’s Search for Meaning. New York: Simon and Schuster; 1984.

Puchalski CM. The role of spirituality in health care. Proceedings (Baylor University Medical Center). 2001;14(4):352-357.

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