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Purposive Sampling

Question 1

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To review for the final, Dakota did two random problems from each assignment in her class. Each assignment had an equal number of problems. Is this sample of the problems assigned in the class likely to be biased?



Question 2

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Kirk threw a handful of identically shaped capsules into a medicine cup, then collected the12 capsules that landed outside of the medicine cup. Is this a random sample of the capsules?



Question 3

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Craig questioned two internationally known nursing theorists at a national conference. Is this sample of theorists in general likely to be biased?



Question 4

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Jerry put the names of all the nurses in the hospital into a bin. Then, he drew 32 names out of the bin. Is this a random sample of the nurses at the hospital?



Question 5

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On the first day of class, Peter skimmed five random pages from each of the books assigned in his nursing classes. Each assigned book has an equal number of pages. Is this sample of the assigned reading likely to be representative?



Question 6

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Leo climbed six trees throughout each forest in his county. Each forest is the same size. Is this sample of the trees in the county likely to be representative?



Question 7

3.25 / 3.25 pts

Todd polled 12 passengers in the first-class section of the plane. Is this sample of the passengers on the plane likely to be representative?



Question 8

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The degree to which results of a study can be extended to other settings or conditions describes:

population generalizability

conclusions researchers make about a random sample

conclusions researchers make about information uncovered in research study


Question 9

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An accessible population is one that:

every member of the population does not have an equal chance of being selected for the sample group.

the researcher can realistically select subjects for a sample, and to which the researcher is entitled to generalize findings.

is derived from a nonrandom sample selected because prior knowledge suggests it is representative, or because those selected have the needed information.

None of the above.

Question 10

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Purposive sampling is:

The process of selecting a number of individuals (a sample) from a population, preferably in such a way that the individuals are representative of the larger group from which they were selected.

Methods designed to select a representative sample by using chance selection so that biases will not systematically alter the sample.

A nonrandom sample selected because prior knowledge suggests it is representative, or because those selected have the needed information.

Refers to conducting a study again; the second study may be a repetition of the original study, using different subjects, or may change specified aspects of the study.

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