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Decoding The Science Of Public Health.

Question 1

  1. Epidemiology involves studying infectious communicable disease, not events like injury, obesity, mental health disorders, and seat belt use.


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1.6 points  

Question 2

  1. The Framingham study was a:
[removed]a.Retrospective cohort study.
[removed]b.Case-control study.
[removed]c.Cross-sectional study.
[removed]d.Prospective cohort study.

1.7 points  

Question 3

  1. Epidemiology includes the study of: 
[removed]a.Human behavior 
[removed]d.All of the above
[removed]e.None of the above

1.7 points  

Question 4

  1. The definition of epidemiology involves all of the following EXCEPT:
[removed]a.Identification of determinants
[removed]b.Measuring the distribution of disease
[removed]e.The definition includes all of the above

1.7 points  

Question 5

  1. Who evaluated the Bills of Mortality?
[removed]a.William Farr
[removed]b.John Graunt
[removed]d.George Soper

1.7 points  

Question 6

  1. Who helped to establish the germ theory of disease?
[removed]a.James Lind
[removed]b.John Snow
[removed]c.Louis Pasteur
[removed]d.Florence Nightingale

1.7 points  

Question 7

  1. Who showed that poor diet could result in scurvy?
[removed]a.James Lind
[removed]b.John Snow
[removed]c.Louis Pasteur
[removed]d.Florence Nightingale

1.7 points  

Question 8

  1. The web of causation includes host and environmental determinants.



1.6 points  

Question 9

  1. A cause of disease is an event, condition, or characteristic that preceded the disease and without which the disease would either not have occurred or would have occurred later.



1.6 points  

Question 10

  1. Which sequence below represents the chronological evolution of disease causation approaches in epidemiology (from oldest to newest)?
[removed]a.Web of causation -> Germ theory -> Body humor imbalance-> Ecosocial framework
[removed]b.Germ theory -> Body humor imbalance -> Ecosocial framework -> Web of causation
[removed]c.Body humor imbalance -> Germ theory -> Web of causation -> Ecosocial framework
[removed]d.Body humor imbalance -> Web of causation -> Ecosocial framework -> Germ theory

1.7 points  

Question 11

  1. Which of the following are essential attributes of causes (choose all that apply)?
[removed]a.Time order
[removed]b.Environmental factors

1.7 points  

Question 12

  1. How much of the increase in U.S. life expectancy since the 20th century can be attributed to public health improvements?

1.7 points  

Question 13

  1. The purpose of disease surveillance is to monitor aspects of dsease occurrence that are pertinent to effective control.



1.6 points  

Question 14

  1. John Snow used mortality data developed by William Farr to test a hypothesis that cholera was spread by contaminated water.



1.6 points  

Question 15

  1. Which of the following innovations did The Streptomycin Tuberulosis Trial employ (choose all that apply)?
[removed]a.Consideration of the ethical issues involved
[removed]b.Randomization to treatment and control groups
[removed]c.Masking the investigators
[removed]d.Restrictions on eligibility of patients

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